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Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat is the difference between "pre-order" and "funding" project?
Q[Pre-order] When will the pre-ordered goods be shipped?
Q[Pre-order] I would like to change my shipping information (address, contact information, etc.)
Q[Funding] Can I still participate after the project's funding goal has reached 100%?
Q[Funding] I want to change shipping information (name of STARMAKER, address, etc.,)
Q[Funding] When will I get my reward?
Q[Funding] I want to cancel my pledge on a project.

About Our Service

QWhat does MAKESTAR do?
QWhat is crowdfunding?

Pledging a Project

QWhat is "MAKESTAR NOW" button for?
QWhat is project with "limited quantity"?
QWhat is a "DIGITAL" reward?
QWhat is StarMaker? Is it different from name of orderer?
Q[Pre-order] What is a "pre-order" project?
Q[Pre-order] What is an "exclusive pre-order" project?
Q[Funding] What is an "All or Nothing" project?
Q[Funding] Can I still participate in a project even after goal exceeds 100%?
Q[Funding] What is "STRETCH GOAL"?
Q[Funding] What is a free pledge?
Q[Funding] Can I pledge to a project more than once?

After Pledging Project

QI want to cancel my pledge on a project.
QWhere can I see the project information that I pledged?
QCan I get a cash receipt?
QI want to change method of payment.
QI want to change my shipping information (name of StarMaker, address, etc,.)
QHow can I check out further information on first come/first served rewards?
QHow can I track package for gift I won on event?

After Project Closes

QCan I change my shipping address?
QWhen can I get my reward?
QWhat happens to project after it succeeds?
QI want to check my shipping information.
QHow can I get my "DIGITAL" reward?
QCan my friend go to Meet With Star reward instead of me?
QSomething is wrong with the reward I received. What should I do? (defect, omission, etc)
QI have not received my reward far passed the expected delivery date.
QWhat is the refund procedure when project fails?

Reward preparation & delivery process

1. available participation1. available participation

You can participate by the project deadline even if the project achieved more than 100%.
As additional stretch goals are reached, a wider variety of content and gifts are available.

2. Preparing rewards2. Preparing rewards

Project Success! NOW! Producing Rewards.

All Rewards will be created after the end of the project.
The Star Creator is currently producing a reward for you.

3. Checking rewards3. Checking rewards

Reward has arrived at MAKESTAR.

The person in charge is checking the quality of the product and the quantity has arrived properly.
The delivery is about to begin, so please check the shipping information by the scheduled date of address modification!

4. Checking delivery information4. Checking delivery information

Wait! Did you check your shipping info.?

For safe delivery, please double check your shipping information and address.
If the address is incorrect, you may have to pay extra shipping charges, so please check carefully.

5. Preparing reward delivery5. Preparing reward delivery

Delivery will begin soon.

Our team is packing carefully for safe delivery.
The delivery is about to begin. :) (Dokey Dokey)

6. Reward shipping complete6. Reward shipping complete

All Rewards have been shipped.

StarMakers, did you get the reward well?
If you have any questions regarding Reward or Shipping, please contact us through 1:1 service.

7. Delivery Completed7. Delivery Completed

The project is complete!

Project completed successfully.
Let's meet again on another project!

Account Settings & Others

QI want to change my password.
QI forgot my password.
QHow can I change my nickname?
QWhat are operating hours for customer service?
QI want to change my account email address.
QI want to get notified on new projects.
QHow do I delete my account?