K-pop Drama <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project


K-pop Drama <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project

K-pop Drama <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project


5/28/2021 ~6/26/2021

Participate in the OST album Funding Project for the K-pop drama <So I Married The Anti-fan> starring Choi Tae Jun, Sooyoung, and Chansung!

Funding GoalUS$7,165.10
This is an "All or Nothing" project that will be rewarded to project participants when 100% of the project is achieved.
If it is not reached 100%, the participating amount will be refunded and also you won't get any reward.
  • Time RemainingClosed
  • Estimated delivery dateTBA
  • Star Makers88
Project statusPreparing rewards

About <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST Album adding rewards

Thank you for your support for the <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album funding project. The staff is working hard to repay the support of Statmakers for supporting the <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album to be born officially and we've got great news for the participants! ★For all participants★ We are presenting a limited edition making book <So, I married the anti fan> Thank you again for your great support. :)

This project is all or nothing.
Participants will receive rewards only when the target amount is reached. Unless the target amount is reached, the fund will be refunded and you are not able to receive the rewards.
Please promote this project widely so that we can achieve our target successfully! 



PR Event

Promote the <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album funding project and GET the actor's signed album!

We will draw 30 winners among those who participated in the funding as well as the PR Event and give them the handwritten-signed OST album that are autographed by the actors. (random)



▶How to participate in the event

① Participate in <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project.

② Share the news of <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project on online communities such as SNS, cafes, open chatting, etc.

③ Certify the promotion to 'Cheering message' menu in project


※In case of duplicate purchase, the chance of winning is up!


▶Event participation period: From May 28th to June 26th

▶ Announcement of the winners: After 3PM on June 29th, you can check the notice on this project page




Choi Tae Joon, Sooyoung, Chansung Casting!

<So I Married The Anti-fan>



A squabbling love-hate romance <So I Married The Anti-fan> with world-renowned K-pop star Hoo Joon(Choi Tae Jun) and magazine reporter Lee Geun Young (Sooyoung), branded as his official anti-fan, who are filming a 24-hour live-in reality program together.


We meet again with Kim Eun Jung's original 'So I Married The Anti-fan' which is famous for Naver's web novel 'Cheeky Romance' and 'Puzzle of Lies', is a masterpiece of actors such as Choi Tae Joon, Sooyoung, and Chansung with strong acting skills!


It is a drama that perfectly harmonizes the OST with the participation of leading actor Choi Tae Joon, Young Jae(GOT7) and Kwon Min Je.


Don't miss the opportunity to be a StarMaker who create and have the <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST Album!




💿OST Album Configuration

- Package Cover

- 2CDs (10 Songs + 30 Score Songs)

- Photobook (100p)

- Poster 1 pc (random out of 2 types, A2 size, folded type)

- Postcard 1 type

- Photo cards 5 types

- Stickers 7 types




Track List


1. YOUNGJAE (GOT7) - Pop star

2. Pop star (Sung by Choi Tae Joon)

3. Choi Tae Joon - Bittersweet

4. Kwon MinJe - When U Blow

5. Moon Kim - It's you

6. Lee ShinSung - As Good As It Gets


10 Songs + 30 Score Songs



Watch the OST M/V


Choi Tae Joon - Pop star ('So I Married The Anti-fan' OST) [Music Video]



Choi Tae Joon - Bittersweet ('So I Married The Anti-fan' OST) [Music Video]


Preview of <'So I Married The Anti-fan>



PROCESS from Participation in funding to Delivery 🚚



Order period

From May 28th to June 26th, 2021



Reward Production

*This is a funding project where reward production is confirmed only after the target amount is reached, and the reward production will start after the end of the order period.



Worldwide Delivery Starts


※We will inform you of the schedule and other changes later on the project page.

※The production and delivery schedule may be delayed depending on the situation. We will make it as soon as possible and deliver it to you.


▶All Rewards will be produced after the end of the project.

▶Digital Rewards can be downloaded directly after the project ends.

 -Route: MAKESTAR Login> [Project Participation Information] > [Digital Rewards]

 -Digital Rewards will be uploaded and will be informed you via Notice/email.

▶The name of the StarMaker certificate and the Rewards applies based on "StarMaker name". The name of the Orderer is for shipping and event entry checks, but is not reflected in the Reward item.


We inform you in advance that due to the influence of Corona19, there may be a delay in shipping or in receiving overseas shipments.


For EMS/International Mail, delivery may be delayed for more than a month.

In the case of the country where the reception is suspended, the shipment will be sent after the suspension is lifted.


If you choose DHL, you will receive rewards more conveniently than EMS/International Mail.



If there is a missing or damaged product, additional delivery or replacement is possible only for those who have sent a photo as a proof or unboxing video to MAKESTAR within a week of receipt of the product.


-Photo: attach the photo in 1:1 inquiry

-Video: After sending it to notice@makestar.co, and ask through 1:1 inquiry

*If 7 days have passed since you received the product (based on the tracking of the invoice), or if the photo or video is not attached, additional delivery or exchange is not possible. Please note this in advance as this will be the same even if you use the shipping agency.

*If you use another courier other than the designated courier when exchanging or returning the product, it will be automatically shipped back, so please make sure to send the product via designated courier. Please kindly understand that it is difficult to exchange or return it due to sending via other couriers.


Project detailed guidance

Shipping cost will be charged separately according to the selected shipping method's national rate standard.

The expected shipping date and special reward schedule can be changed according to the creator's situation, and will be notified on the project page if any changes are made.

We will notify you separately when the reward is shipped. If the tracking information is not continuously confirmed in <My participation information>, you can contact us within 3 months of sending from MAKESTAR.

This project cannot be canceled or refunded. (However, except for the project failure or success but if the creator has not executed a reward within 12 months of project termination.)



※Overseas Shipping Information

-Depending on countries, tariffs may occur, and duties will be incurred by the purchaser.  If it is not paid within a certain period of time, the product will be automatically discarded, and if the product is disposed of due to unpaid tariffs, it cannot be shipped again.

- If no customs clearance, the product will be automatically discarded, and if it is discarded due to no customs clearance, the product cannot be delivered again.

- It is difficult to reflect the under-value, and it will not be applicable even if you fill out the comment section separately.



K-pop Drama <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album Funding Project Reward Introduction

Press the card of the Reward so that able to sample image and details of reward.



  • 1. StarMaker Certificate (Digital)
  • 2. <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album 1 pc
  • * Poster 1 pc random out of 2 types


  • 1. StarMaker Certificate (Digital)
  • 2. <So I Married The Anti-fan> OST album 2 pcs
  • * Poster Set (2 pcs)

* All type of rewards will begin production after project is finished.

*Digital reward can be downloaded by yourself after the project is finished.
- How to download: MAKESTAR Login> [Pledge history]> [Digital reward]
-You will be received alarm via e-mail or notice after the upload digital reward.

*The name of Starmaker Certificate and the named Reward will be based on the 'StarMaker Name'.
(Order name is for shipping and event entrance check, and is not applied for Reward items.)